photo: Tess DeCosta

Curt Newton and I began playing together back in the late eighties, when he was in a trio with Ken Vandermark here in Boston. In 1990, Curt joined Debris (my band from 1986 – 1998) and we’ve been playing together ever since.

In 2009, we decided to start performing regularly as a duo. Our first show together was at Weirdo Records in December of 2009. We shared the bill that night with young Jack Callahan who played a fine set of solo percussion. And as luck would have it, Howard Martin of the (now defunct) Foxy Digitalis blog was there and loved the show, naming it “Best Show of 2009” in their year-end wrap up.

Since then, we’ve been mining the rich vein of Boston-area improv venues, from Somerville in the North to Jamaica Plain in the South. In May, 2018, Curt released our two most recent sets on Bandcamp:

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