Farmhands performing at Woodstock 4, Boston Common, 8/18/2012. Photo: Ed Harper

Farmhands is Arkm Foam (acoustic and amplified farm implements) and Steve Norton (reeds, mostly).

Basically, after a long hot day of shuckin’ and bailin’ and feedin’ the ponies, we feel the need to kick back and blow off some steam. What better a way to do that than some good ol’ free improv (along with a fine craft brew, of course).

We spent 2012 playing around the Boston area (Jamaica Plain, Boston, Somerville, Lowell, etc.) and are now ready to Try to Take Over the World.

February 26, 2013 saw the release of our first recording: For Serfs and Their Turf on the Whitehaus Family Record label. All the excitement you could possibly pack onto a C-40! That evening’s performance at 119 Gallery in Lowell MA was recorded to video by Steve Albert and is available for your viewing pleasure directly below.

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119 Gallery, Lowell, MA.

video by Steve Albert

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