photo: Matt Samolis

When we saw that Deerhoof had uploaded the sheet music to “Fresh Born,” a tune on their upcoming album, Offend Maggie. Uncle Shoe (a/k/a Matt Samolis) and I decided that we had to give it a go. In a planning session at the excellent Lower Depths Tap Room in Kenmore Square, Boston, Endguys were born. (“Fresh born,” one might say.) This is not to say that we’ve never worked together before: we've been playing together in various settings since 1993, and check out our Glacier Harvest recording from December, 2007.

deerhoof’s “fresh born”

On this recording:

Matt Samolis: banjos, vocals, ukulele, flute, Octophone
Steve Norton: bass clarinet, alto saxophone, game calls, doorbell

Click the titles below to listen or download the recording:

listen or download: Fresh Born   (good quality, 128Kbps MP3, 4 MB, faster download)

listen or download: Fresh Born   (best quality, 320Kbps MP3, 10 MB, slower download)

If you want to get ahold of us, write:

steve [at] rednotebook [dot] org, or
shoe4 [at] verizon [dot] net

The Deerhoof “Fresh Born,” page is here. You can download the sheet music in .PDF format and listen to all the versions that various folks have uploaded.

This is what the score looks like: