steve norton: musical bio

Central Maine-based reed player Steve Norton has been performing and recording for over 35 years. His focus is on improvisation, which is filtered through a strongly compositional sensibility.

Recent projects have included Duck That, Grizzler, Symptomatic, Kilter, Tough Day Tubing, Ricochet, LMNo!, solo performance and duos with Vic Rawlings, Michael Rosenstein, Curt Newton, Matt Samolis, Noell Dorsey, Mike Bullock, Lucio Menagon and Walter Wright. He also plays rock with Animal Hospital Ensemble and Mission Creep.

In addition to performance, many of the the recordings below also include examples of his composition, arranging, production and graphic design work.


LMNo! : (eponymous)
Music Noise Art MNA 0215; released 2015

If, Bwana: The Ice Moons
(my recorded sounds are the basis for two of the four tracks)
Nefryt N 027; released 2015

Mission Creep: On The Sea Of Suns
Wire Recordings WR003; released 2014

If, Bwana: The Joy of Photography
(my recorded sounds are the basis for three of the 11 tracks on this triple-cassette release)
8EMINIS 8EM033; released 2014

Lou Cohen: Duos (w/ Matt Samolis & Steve Norton)
Whitehaus Family Record WFR103; released 2013

Farmhands: For Serfs and their Turf (w/ Arkm Foam & Steve Norton)
Whitehaus Family Record WFR095; released 2013

Duck That: Eggs
Yolk 01; released 2012

Symptomatic: Failed State
YDLMIER 028; released 2011

We Love You / Duck That (split LP):
Live at Feeding Tube Records – Frosted Analog Dreams

Feeding Tube Records FTR-041; released 2010

steve norton: IT’S HARD NOT TO BE WHO YOU ARE.
YDLMIER 005; released 2010

Drive The Pieces Together: Ethnography
Carbon Records CR182; released 2010

Metal & Glass Ensemble: Concert at Church of the Advent, June 2009
Half Round Records; released 2009

Norton Plsek Robair Trio: Firehouse Futurities
Rastascan BRD038/Tautology 005; released 1999

Joe Morris’ Racket Club: Rumble Strip
About Time AT-1010; released 1999

Various: Autumn Uprising
(Debris contributed one track)
Tautology 001/002; released 1998

Great Circle Saxophone Quartet: Child King Dictator Fool
New World 80516-2; released 1997

Debris: Errata
Eighth Day Music EDM80011; released 1997

Debris: Rapture in the Church of Disreputable Daydreams
Music & Arts CD927; released 1996

Either/Orchestra: Across the Omniverse
(played on two tracks)
Accurate AC-3272; released 1996

Splatter Trio & Debris: Jump Or Die
(21 Anthony Braxton Compositions 1992)

Music & Arts CD843; released 1995

Various: (Y)EARBOOK, vols. 1 – 3
(Debris contributed track to vol. 3)
Rastascan BRD008 – 010; released 1993

Debris: Terre Haute
Rastascan BRD 011; released 1993

Either/Orchestra: Radium
(contributed arrangement)
Accurate AC-3232; released 1988

Either/Orchestra: Dial “E”
Accurate AC-2222; released 1987


About Time Records, New York, New York
Accurate Records, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Carbon Records, Rochester, New York
Eighth Day Music, Chicago, Illinois (defunct)
Feeding Tube Records, Easthampton, Massachusetts
Half Round Records, Boston, Massachusetts
Music & Arts Programs of America, Berkeley, California
Music Noise Art, New York, New York
Nefryt, Poland, EU
New World Records, New York, New York
Rastascan Records, San Leandro, California
Tautology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
the Whitehaus Family Record, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Wire Recordings, Seattle, Washington
YDLMIER Tapes, Somerville, Massachusetts
Yolk, c/o Weirdo Records, Cambridge, Massachusetts
8EMINIS, Barcelona, Spain, EU

photo: Felice Wolfzahn