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New Release

NEW RELEASE Now available from Painted Throat Music is a new recording by Closers, my duo with bassist Ryan McGuire. We made this recording at Odd Fellows in East Weymouth, Massachusetts, in mid-July, 2016, shortly before my move to Maine. I am very pleased with it!

On it, Ryan plays acoustic bass; I play sopranino, soprano, alto and baritone saxophones and bass and contra alto clarinets.

Entitled Impossible to See Closer, it was very ably recorded by Jerry MacDonald and mastered by Kevin Frenette. You can hear it (or buy it, if you wish) on the Painted Throat Music page on bandcamp, here:

   Closers: Impossible to See Closer


 Steve Norton – Upcoming Shows

  • April 28th (Friday) 7 PM, I will be presenting a new work, No once in pastless now., as part of the Four Aspects: Contemporary Performance in Practice. This will be taking place at the AP/PE Space, IMRC Center, Stewart Commons, University of Maine Orono, ME 04469-5785. Eleanor Kipping, Alicia Champlin and Josh Couturier will aslo be presenting work.
    Policy & price: this event is free and open to the public. It is presented by the UofMaine Intermedia MFA program and the IMRC Center.
  • May 17th (Wednesday) 7 PM, I will be playing a new solo composition for contra alto clarinet and electronics at the Washington St. Art Center in Somerville MA. Also appearing: Dave Hanson-Grodsky.
    Policy & price: all ages welcome; $donation accepted.
  • May 19th (Friday) 7 PM, I will be playing a new solo composition for contra alto clarinet and electronics, assisted by N. B. Aldrich, at The Cannery, 207 Southern Bay Rd., Penobscot, ME. Also appearing: Dave Hanson-Grodsky.
    Policy & price: all ages welcome; $donation accepted.

Performance archive with media


Press: Writer Gordon Marshall wrote this nice article/interview on me at


Biography / Discography


Current projects

Means of Production This is my on-line and CD-R label.

Solo For a full description, see this page.

Duck That This group was formed to focus on game calls (!) as a sound source. I play saxophones, large clarinets, percussion and game calls with Angela Sawyer (electronics, voice, game calls), Josh Jefferson (alto sax, bass clarinet, game calls) and Jesse Kenas-Collins (cornet, clarinet, objects, game calls). For more info, see the Duck That MySpace page.

Symptomatic, with Vic Rawlings on analog electronics and me on reeds. Obstinate strata; solid blocks of texture. [ more ]

Endguys, the working title of my 20-plus year collaboration with Matt Samolis. [ more ]

Ricochet, with Noell Dorsey, voice and me on reeds. Delicate filigree and woodland animal sounds. Can be very quiet. [ more ]

LMNo!, with Lucio Menagon on guitar and me on reeds; both of us on electronics. Shifting, evolving sonic mayhem. [ more ]

Kilter, with Curt Newton on percussion and me on reeds. Straight-up free improv, building on our 20+ years of playing together. [ more ]

Farmhands, wherein Arkm Foam and I take on wheelbarrows, manure rakes, piano harps and a whole lot of reeds. [ more ]

Grizzler is an improvising large ensemble lead by Dave Gross. Numbering anywhere between 9 and 13 (and sometimes more!) players, Grizzler concentrates its energies on the layering of individual voices and the intersection of the ensemble and the space. I primarily play baritone saxophone and bass clarinet. The group has no Web site yet, but Dave Curry (our violist) wrote a nice blog entry about the band here.

Steve Lacy’s Tips: we’ve assembled a trio of Noell Dorsey (voice), Matt Samolis (flute) and me on bass clarinet to perform Steve Lacy’ epigrammatic opus Tips. [ more ]

Glacier Harvest (An MP3 album by Steve Norton & Matt Samolis)

debris (my band for 12 years, 1986 – 1998)