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Performance archive with media


Read my MFA thesis, entitled From Harmony to the Field.



Writer Deirdre Fleming’s article/interview about Requiem is in the Portland Press Herald’s Outdoors section. (January 26, 2020)

Maine Audubon director Melissa Kim’s article/interview about Requiem is included in the Winter 2019–20 issue of Maine Audubon’s HABITAT magazine; see page 8. (December 2019)

Writer Hadley Green’s article/interview about Requiem is on WBUR’s ARTery pages. (March 2019)

Jazz writer Gordon Marshall’s interview is at at (April 2010)


Musical biography / discography




Recent sound work – My recent electroacoustic work is up on my soundcloud page.

Solo improvisation – For a full description, see this page.

Duck That – This group was formed to focus on game calls (!) as a sound source. I play saxophones, large clarinets, percussion and game calls with Angela Sawyer (electronics, voice, game calls), Jesse Kenas-Collins (cornet, clarinet, objects, game calls) and, occasionally, Josh Jefferson (alto sax, bass clarinet, game calls).

Endguys, the working title of my 20-plus-year collaboration with Matt Samolis. [ more ]

Kilter, with Curt Newton on percussion and me on reeds. Straight-up free improv, building on our 20+ years of playing together. [ more ]

Symptomatic, with Vic Rawlings on analog electronics and me on reeds. Obstinate strata; solid blocks of texture. [ more ]

Ricochet, with Noell Dorsey, voice and myself on reeds. Delicate filigree and woodland animal sounds. Can be very quiet. [ more ]

LMNo!, with Lucio Menagon on guitar and me on reeds; both of us on electronics. Shifting, evolving sonic mayhem. [ more ]

Farmhands, wherein Arkm Foam and I take on wheelbarrows, manure rakes, piano harps and a whole lot of reeds. [ more ]

Grizzler is an improvising large ensemble lead by Dave Gross. Numbering anywhere between 9 and 13 (and sometimes more!) players, Grizzler concentrates its energies on the layering of individual voices and the intersection of the ensemble and the space. I primarily play baritone saxophone and bass clarinet. The group has no Web site yet, but Dave Curry (our violist) wrote a nice blog entry about the band here.

Steve Lacy’s Tips: The trio of Noell Dorsey (voice), Matt Samolis (flute) and myself on bass clarinet gathered for a period to perform Steve Lacy’ epigrammatic opus, Tips. [ more ]

Glacier Harvest (An MP3 album by Steve Norton & Matt Samolis)

Means of Production This is my on-line and CD-R label.

debris (my band for 12 years, 1986 – 1998)